colour | shade | tone | hue | tint | tinge

Si tienes que hablar sobre color, con cuatro verbos que lleves en el bolsillo te quedas a gusto.

> uso:

We colour or paint something in red, for instance.

We use or employ colour.
Or, we select or choose colour from a range of colours or a colour palette.
We add or apply colour to…
Or, we remove it from…
We mix or blend green and yellow together to make or produce blue.
We pair two colours or combine several ones to get a wide selection of colours or a pleasing combination of colours.

A wall or a space might need a spash of colour or a touch of colour.

> semejanza:

>> es igual a

– The colour of the curtain matches that of the wall.
– The colour of the curtain corresponds to that of the wall.
– The colour of the curtain is identical to that of the wall.

>> se parece a

– The colour of the curtain resembles that of the wall.
– The colour of the curtain is similar to that of the wall.

>> es tan igual que se confunde, se pierde en el entorno

– The vase blends into the background and is virtually invisible.

>> es tan igual que se mimetiza con el entorno, se camufla

– The new library blends in harmoniously with the surrounding buildings.

> diferencia:

>> contrastar

– We added yellow accents to contrasts with the blue walls .

>> resaltar | destacar

– Yellow lettering stands out the most against a black background .

>> contrarestar

– Light touches of bronze offset the blue-hued walls .

> atributos:

Algunos de los adjetivos más usados para describir un color son los siguientes:

Cool | Warm
Dark | Light
Bright | Pale
Bold | Safe

Striking (llamativo) | Vibrant | Fresh | Dominant | Subtle (sutil) | Dramatic (espectacular) | Plain | Neutral | Muted (apagado) | Dominating | Contrasting | Eye-catching (que llama la atención) | Smooth (calmado) | Powerful (potente) | Gentle  (calmado) |

>> -ish

Si añades -ish al final de la palabra le añade la connotación de parecido a. Por ejemplo:

A greenish colour: un color verdoso, tirando a verde.

> asociación:

>> se asocia a | se relaciona con

– Blue is often associated with depth and stability .

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