Supongo que a estas alturas no te sorprenderá que dedique un post a algo tan específico como:

– Adjuntar documentación
– Links para descargar documentos.


> attachments

– Please see / find attached [what]…
– Please note the [what] attached.
– I´m sending you [what] attached… 
– I´m sending you [what] as an attachment… 
– Enclosed you will find [what]…

in [dwg / pdf / jpg / …] format.

Usually, we send attached:

– A plan / drawing or a set of drawings illustrating
Mark-ups (anotaciones) showing
Comments to the latest …
– A photo compilation of …
– Screen shots of …

> links

– [What] is now available at [website].
– [What] is available to download from [link]
– [What] can be downloaded here: [link]
– See below link to [what].
– Please follow the link to [what].
– [What] is accessed by link below.
– [What] has been released on [link].

> confirmation

No está de más que pidas confirmación de recibo si lo consideras necesario. 

– Please let me know if you have any issues accessing these files.
– I would welcome your confirmation that …

… you are happy with the [what] attached.
… you have been able to download / access the files.

> purpose

A modo de recordatorio:

We send / issue / circulate something to someone for:

– their approval 
– their comments
discussion (hablar / tratar)
signoff (autorización, firmado)
checking (revisión / comprovación)