Dicen que la luz es la cuarta dimensión de la arquitectura. Que se lo digan a Tadao Ando, ¿verdad?

Como no hay luz sin sombra, este es un post sobre ambos.


>> permitir
– A fully glazed wrap* allows maximum natural light to interior of the property.

* wrap: envolvente

>> usar
– Gallery spaces make use of / use / employ daylight to create an engaging museum experience.

>> aportar, proporcionar

– One of the key decisions that shaped the project was to introduce daylight from above in the laboratories.
– Generous daylighting is provided by the double height circulation space.
– A  new glass box extension brings daylight to the office floor.
– All rooms are supplied with natural light by a central skylight.

>> obtener, adquirir

– The flats have their living rooms overlooking the courtyard and thus gaining light from the southern aspect*.

* aspect: orientación

>> tomar

– All apartments borrow light from the deck, via opaque glass next to each front door.

>> aprovechar, maximizar

– The light well’s geometry was carefully designed to provide glare control for occupants and maximise uniformity of daylight in the space.

>> bloquear

– Sun protection elements block unnecessary light and regulate the use of natural light during opening hours.

Para referirnos a la luz en un sentido metafórico y poético:

>> inundar, anegar

The studio at the topmost floor is flooded with natural light from a skyroof.

>> llenar

The space is filled with natural light from all four elevations.

>> verter, derramar

The rooflight above the entrance spills filtered light onto the new visitors.

>> fluir

Daylight flows freely through the kitchen.

>> caer, bañar

Light streams in throught the rosewindow in the west wall.

Otras opciones: directs, sculpts, enriches, plays with, …

* Light is:
direct, indirect, diffuse, subdued (suave, tenue, sutil), natural, filtered, dappled (moteado, veteado), …

* A space is:
(poorly, dimly, …)
lit by
illuminated by


Algunos ejemplos aleatorios:
– The rays of sunlight through the perforated wall produce a layer of striking shadows.
– Strong shadow patterns from the shutters play across the floor.

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