Sobre el uso de sistemas de iluminación.

>> integrar

– We worked hard to integrate new lighting into the existing hall to reinforce the architectural form of the space.

>> iluminar

– The key goal of the project was to illuminate the new galleries with natural light for its ability to create atmosphere.

– The galleries are lit primarily by daylight, using a variety of innovative solutions to bring natural light into all levels.

– The gallery is daylight by over 20 north-facing skylights.

>> destacar, acentuar, reforzar

– Spotlights on pendants are used to highlight the sculptures below.

– Lighting has been used to enhance the form and texture of the timber acoustic panels.

– Lighting devices were used to accentuate the geometry of the staircase.

– The lighting reinforces the interplay of different functions within the building by illuminating each space in a distinct way.

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