Abut | Adjoin Colindar con | Limitar con > The property abuts a river.
  Adjacent (be) Adyacente | Contiguo > The church was built adjacent to the cemetry.
  Attach Estar conectado a >The extension of the lecture building is attached to surrounding buildings via an existing connecting corridor.
  Border Bordear > The site is bordered on the east by Upper Street and on the west by Om Park.
  Fringe Hacer frontera con > The development fringes a large open space formerly belonging to the Church of England.


  Be Estar > Tango Tower is on the bank of the River Ouse.
  Fall Caer > The regeneration project falls in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.
  Locate | Situate Localizarse | Ubicarse | Situarse  > Drafthouse is strategically located to the south of the Olympic Park.
  Ocupy Ocupar > Bacton Estate occupies the south-east corner of an urban block in London´s old dock area.
  Place Situarse | Colocarse > The building is well placed between the tech city hub and the leisure facilities of St Anne Dock.
    Lay Estar | Situarse > One Blackfriars lies on the south bank of the River Thames.
    Position Posicionarse > The new scheme is positioned at the heart of the cities old town. 
    Set Ponerse | Colocarse > The new development will be set around tree-lined streets and outstanding public spaces.
> Greenwoods Lodge is set in an old school building.
> This scheme includes 145 shared ownership and social rented homes set across two modern buildings.
> The house is set out on a shallow curve.
> The building was set back from the street line to create a privacy buffer between the public realm and the building.
> A stone seat has been placed on the south facade, set into a stepped brick recess.
    Sit  Situarse | Posarse > The new tower will sit on a prominent site in the heart of Newcastle.
    Site (be) Ubicarse | Colocarse  > The three-storey building is sited to the north of the school. 
    Stand Estar situado  > Centre Point stands at the junction of Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road. 
    Sandwich (be) Situarse entre > The house is sandwiched between a Victorian property on one side and an Edwardian property on the other.
    Tuck (be) Insertar | Meter > The school is tucked behind a row of Georgian houses in the London Borough of Richmond.


  Bound Limitar | Rodear > Palm Estate is bounded by Teen Street to the north and Apron Street to the south.
  Envelope | Surround Rodear > The recently refurbished power station is now enveloped by trees and planting.
  Nestle (be) Recogerse | Enclavarse > The nursery sits by the lake and is nestled amidst mature evergreen trees.
  Border Bordear > The site is bordered on the east by Upper Street and on the west by Om Park.
  Fringe Hacer frontera con > The development fringes a large open space formerly belonging to the Church of England.


  Face Estar en frente de | Mirar > The taller of the towers, at 28 storeys, faces directly onto Castle Park.
  Front Hacer frente > The new office building will have two entrances fronting onto Strand Park.


  Align Estar alineado con > The houses have been aligned with the existing neighbouring ones. 


> The houses are in alignment with the existing neighbouring ones.

  Level Estar al mismo nivel > The first floor ot the studio is level with the street on the western side of the plot.


  Perch (be) Estar encaramado > The house is perched on a hill, high above the street, with views of the surrounding rooftops.
  Sunk (be) Estar a nivel más bajo > The house is half-sunken into the dunes on the eastern coast of the island of Fuerteventura.


expressions of proximity

A stone´s throw of
a un tiro de piedra de > The new hospital is a stone´s throw of Westminster tube station, making it easily accessible for both patients and visitors.
In close proximity to cerca de | en las proximidades de > The newly refurbished museum is located in close proximity to Lincoln Park.
Within walking distance of


Within a few minutes walk from

a corta distancia a pie de


a unos pocos minutos andando de

> The private landscaped courtyard is just metres away from the Tech District and within walking distance to shopping and entertainment.


how is the location?

+ Bustling   > animado | con mucha gente
Superb   > magnífico | espléndido
Prime   > excelente | supremo
Prominent   > destacado | prominente
Unique   > único | singular 
Strategic   > estratégico