We schedule / call / arrange / propose / hold / run / have / set up …

… a star-up meeting / follow-up meeting / review meeting / design team meeting / …

to discuss / present / evaluate / negotiate / decide / review / go through / run through / work through / look at / …

> Setting up a meeting:

>> what

– I´m writing to arrange a meeting to discuss
– Just a quick note to set up a time to meet to look at
– I´m looking to schedule a meeting…
– We will be holding a meeting next Monday to go through
– Can you call a meeting for…?
– We have been called to a meeting with the cost manager to…


– It would be good if we could have a sit-down with Hannah to arrange…
– We are having a design team meeting…
– I´m meeting with Hannah next Friday to…
– Can we arrange a meeting for next Monday?

>> when

– We have scheduled a meeting with the structural engineer at our office on Monday. Could you please confirm attendance?
– When would it be convenient for you to attend a meeting to go through the cost plan?
– Can you call a meeting for Monday?
– Are you available on Monday to come to our office to discuss the proposal?
– Could you let me know if you are available?
– Please let me know a convenient time.
– Could you please provide us with some dates of when you are able to attend a meeting?
– I’m checking availability for a meeting to run through [what] …
– I’ll set up a meeting for next Monday.
– Could you let me know if you are available for Monday?
– The meeting has been scheduled for 1pm.


– How about Monday?
– Would Monday work/be ok with you?

>> where

– The meeting will be held here at our office in King’s Cross.
– The meeting will take place at the council’s premises.

> Pre meeting talks:

Prior to our meeting on Monday…
In advance of the meeting on Monday…
In preparation for Monday´s meeting, please see agenda for discussion.
– Just wanted to touch base with* you before the meeting…
* Touch base with = ponerse en contacto con
– Please find attached an agenda for Monday´s meeting.
– If anyone has any queries ahead of Monday’s meeting, please…

> Confirming arrangements:

>> when

– I would like to confirm that Monday works well for me.
– Just writing to confirm that Monday is fine for us.
– Would it be possible to confirm the start time please?
– I would be grateful if you would let me know what time suits you best.


– I can do any time on that Friday.
– I can do either day.

>> where

– Can you confirm room availability?

> Changing arrangements:

– I´m sorry I can´t make it on Monday.
– I’m afraid I can’t do Monday.
– I´m fully booked next Monday.
– I´m not available that Monday.
– I´m writing to call off / cancel next Monday’s meeting.

– Could we put it off / postpone it?
– Could we move it to the following Monday?
– Can I suggest we meet on Tuesday instead?
– How about Tuesday instead?
– The meeting will be rescheduled for some time next week.

> Post meeting:

>> To thank

– Thank you for attending the review meeting this morning.
– Thank you for making yourselves available to meet and discuss the proposal.

>> Referring to the meeting

After our meeting with…
Following last week´s meeting…
– Please find meeting notes from the review meeting held on Monday.
– Just to summarise what was agreed/discussed on the meeting…

– After our meeting this morning, please see attached minutes, associated actions and deadlines which require your attention. I trust these are an accurate representation of discussions, however should you feel that this is not the case please respond accordingly.