Como referirse a la solicitud, obtención o denegación de permiso para llevar a cabo un proyecto.

Estamos hablando del famoso:
planning approval
planning consent, or
planning permission.

>> necesitar 

– Not all house extensions require / need planning permission.

>> buscar | solicitar | pedir

– The architect submitted the full planning application in early April.

– This application seeks planning permission for the provision of additional covered and secure residential cycle storage capacity.

>> obtener | conseguir | tener

– The proposal was well received by the planners and we achieved / got planning approval in three months.

– Planning permission was granted last June following an extensive conultation phase with the local community.

– The post office has been awarded planning consent for an additional 2000 sq m of A1 accommodation.

– Up&Up, one of the biggest developers in the city, has planning permission for a 5000 sq m mixed-use scheme above Heaven train station.

>> perder | denegar

– sample
– sample.

>> retirar

– sample

Si quieres saber más sobre solicitar permisos en Reino Unido, consulta el Planning Portal.