>> da | ofrece | proporciona

– The glazed elevation gives views out over the river.
– The private garden at the top affords spectacular views across the heart of the city.
– At 35 storeys and with floor-to-ceiling glazing, Newgate Tower offers an elevated perspective over the west end of the city.
– The rooftop bar provides a panoramic view of the city.

>> permite

– Glazed screens allow long views through the building and into the landscape and surrouning streets.

>> mira hacia

– A tall window addresses the town centre.
– The house looks out onto the sea.

>> mira desde arriba

– The scheme overlooks the sea about a mile south.

>> se abre para incluir a

– The four buildings radiate in plan opening up views to the park.

>> disfruta de

– The sixteen-storey building enjoys magnificient views over the cathedral.

>> se beneficia de

– The western side of the building benefits from spectacular views over Hyde Park.

>> aprovecha | saca provecho de

– The pavilion is specifically designed to optimise views to the north.
– The glass box at the top maximises views out over the valley.
– A full-width window on the east makes the most of the surrounding views. 

>> cuenta con

– The development has prime views towards The Shard.

>> enmarca

– The window at the top frames views of the theatre.

>> capta

– The tower captures some of London´s most exquisite views.

>> oculta | no deja ver

– The glazed facade belies the activity going on inside the library at street level.


Ya te habrás dado cuenta de que las preposiciones más usadas en estos casos son:

across, through, into, towards, over, to and of.

Puedes refrescarte la memoria sobre las preposiciones de movimiento en el post movement

> atributos:

Las vistas pueden ser:

Stunning (impresionante) | SpectacularExpansive (extenso, amplio) | ExceptionalUninterrupted (continuo) | Unique | Magnificient | Unrivalled (sin igual) | Breathtaking (impresionante) | Surrounding (envolvente) | Impressive (impactante) | Extensive (vasto) | Commanding (imponente) | Prime (excelente) | Unobstructed (sin interrupciones) | Framed (enmarcado) | Closed-up (cercano) |